Deep Cleaning Laminate Wood Floor

Deep Cleaning DarkLaminate Wood Floor

The Reliable 6-Step Process


1. Pre-Inspection

We first determine if the floor contains any wax, oily residue, or other contaminants which may affect the cleaning process. We also find out what method is needed. 

2. Area Preparation

All movable furniture will be moved prior to cleaning. 

3. Dry Soil Removal

Our technicians thoroughly vacuum the entire area; to remove any lose debris, maximizing the cleaning results. Just like any cleaning process, dry soil removal is important. 

4. Cleaning

The cleaning process, depending on the service needed, includes wood safe cleaners and state-of-the-art equipment which produces no dust! 

5. Drying

Because our products are fast drying, the floors dry very quickly allowing you to walk on your floors in just a few minutes. 

6. Post-Inspection

Technicians will initiate a walk through and go over results before leaving. 


Our hardwood floor cleaning process uses a high-speed rotary system and special cleaning solution to reach tough dirt and contaminants. As our technicians clean your floor, a powerful vacuum extracts both the dirt and the excess cleaning solution.
When cleaning hardwood floors, our Technicians make sure to hand detail those hard-to-reach areas. The entire process is low-odor, non-toxic and dust-free, leaving you with the best possible cleaning ever.

Less is More

Whether you need just a basic clean or a deep clean on your hard wood or laminate floors, you can depend on us! 

we have been in the business since 1998 and we have the knowledge to clean, restore and make your wood shine.

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