Restore Your Tile To It's Original Look

Due to its durability and visual attraction, tile flooring is a common option for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms & the list goes on. While new tile flooring looks great, over time, the grout lines between tiles become dirty by absorbing water and liquid detergents from mopping. In fact, regular mopping can actually make grout lines look worse over time. This occurs because the mop water used to clean a floor will seep into grout lines and stay there. Without professional cleaning, your grout lines will continue to accumulate dirt and grime, discoloring the look of your entire tiled floor.

Homeowners often struggle to remove the dirt from their discolored grout lines. That’s why Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning offers professional tile and grout cleaning. Our trained technicians use powerful extraction equipment to do what ordinary mopping cannot. Reliable technicians use advanced cleaning equipment that utilizes heat, cleaning solutions, pressurized water, and vacuums to loosen and remove embedded dirt.

After Cleaning, Seal Your Tile & Grout

How Do We Clean Your Tile?

Step 1 - Visual inspection. We will join you in the inspection to be sure that there are no damaged grout areas. We also test to see if you have sealant on your grout.

Step 2 - Pre-spray the tile and grout with a special solutions made to break down grease and oils.

Step 3 - Agitate the pre-spray in the grout with a grout brush--if necessary.

Step 4 - Rinse the pre-spray with high pressured, hot water through our truck mounted machine.

Step 5 - As we rinse away years of dirt and grime, our powerful truck-mount system extracts all soils and oils that have accumulated over the years.

Step 6 - After cleaning we can either seal or permanently re-color your 


Why Choose Us

Vulnerability of Unsealed Grout & Why You Should Seal It

Common tile grout is a cement-based product that’s mixed into a spreadable paste with plain water. The cement content makes grout porous, which means liquids seep in if they’re not cleaned up right away. Liquids with color, such as fruit juice, tea and coffee, leave their color embedded in the grout once the liquid evaporates, resulting in deep-set stains. Grout sealers protect against stains by either coating or penetrating, and some guard against water infiltration. Although bleach can lighten some stains, it’s not a fail-safe method for keeping grout looking new. Oils also seep in, and removing those stains may require chipping out the old grout and replacing it.

To prevent grout discoloration and avoid the consistent need for professional cleaning, have your grout sealed. Grout sealant is transparent, meaning not only will it protect your grout lines, but it won’t affect the coloring, so your grout will continue to look great while being protected. Once grout sealant is applied, you’ll have a better time maintaining your grout lines in between cleanings. So get your tile and grout cleaning in Fresno or any of the surrounding cities.

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Reputation – Santa Clarita's most seasoned flooring professionals, interior designers, and realtors are always referring our services.

Experience – Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning is familiar with unusual soiling conditions as well as experienced in all types of textiles and hard surfaces.

Education – Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning technicians are certified by the IICRC, which is the world’s most recognized body of certification in our industry.

Systems – Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning has the most advanced state of the art equipment and cleaning techniques that provide maximum soil removal from your tile and grout

Guarantee – Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning has a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely thrilled with the service experienced provided, Reliable Carpet & Tile Cleaning will rush back to your location at no charge and no obligation. If you are still not satisfied, we will issue the refund.

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